11 December 2011

An Open Letter from an adopted adult

Recently I read a couple of blog posts which shared the following letter from an adult adoptee to Adoptive Parents, PAPs etc. I have since discovered the author and have been given permission to share the letter here and so I will link to one of the blog posts who have shared it.

Before I do, may I suggest in reading it through please do so with an open mind. This letter is not an attack on you if you have adopted nor is it telling you how to feel. Rather it is a perspective all to commonly ignored and dismissed in adoption and given adoption is SUPPOSED to be about those being adopted, one would think their views would be given the greatest weight, even and especially when they highlight what is wrong with the system. I have the greatest respect for my adult adoptee friends who, despite knowing the backlash they will and do encounter, brave this to put out the truth of adoption and what their experience was and is like.

All too often I see in blog land and indeed on my own blog that unless any of us bow to the 'popular' view of holding adoption up as being fantastic, saving children etc then not only are we ridiculed and put down, we are outright attacked.

So again, please read this letter with an open mind and respect, compassion and empathy towards another human being who may not see adoption as you do.

The Letter (via a blog author who DID NOT write the letter)